top5 fastest car of the world

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Here friends all about the top 5 FASTEST SUPERCAR OF THE WORLD with alloys specifications

No.1 KOENIGSEGG AGERA R THE WORLD FASTEST CAR the Top speed 440 KMPH and accelerat in just 2.7 sec from 0 to 60 MPH
No.2 HENNESSEY VENOM GT Holds 2nd rank in top 5 FASTEST SUPERCAR in the world top speed of 435 KMPH AND also holds the world record to accelerate 0to 60mph in 2.7 sec and in just after 5.6 it can reach 0to 100 Mph it has V8 ENGINE and DELIVERS power of 1244 HP
No.3 the first ever production car to have a speed of 250MPH AND ACLLEERAT 0 TO 60 MPH in just 2.5 sec ,.

No.4 9ffgt9 a car which looks like Porsche 911 almost has a top speed of 257 MPH and accelerate in just 2.5 sec from halt to 60Mph it has a 4 LITER flat six cylinder engine and can reach a speed of 190mph in just 5.7 sec

NO.5 HOLDS BY SSC ultimate aero also known as Shelby SUPERCAR 256 MPH it is a mid ENGINE car and have 6.3 LITRE twin turbo charged V8 ENGINE capable of producing 1283 horse power

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